COFFEE MORNING: In a new light – Prof. Abigail Harrison Moor

29th Sep 2023
10:15 am - 12:00 pm

This talk will focus on two major shifts of power in the late c19th home.

Women were increasingly taking the lead in interior design and the consumption of domestic objects. This change happened in parallel with the early phases of the transition to lighting and heating our homes with gas and electricity.

What happens when we turn our historical lens on women, art and design and the home? How does t his change our understanding of c19th systems of power? How did women as designers, authors and consumers impact domestic energy decisions and how does art history offer us a new way of exploring energy transitions?

Join Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, an expert in C19th art and design, energy history, and museums, heritage and galleries, to find out more about this fascinating link between women’s domestic roles and energy use during this period.

Click here for more information about Prof. Abigail Harrison Moor

In Person

Tickets are £3 and may be purchased online through Eventbrite (a booking fee is payable) or in person through the Box Office when the Ilkley Manor House is open.

Tickets may be available on the door but will be subject to availability and admission cannot be guaranteed.

Live Streamed on Zoom

Tickets are free and may be obtained online through Eventbrite. Tickets for the Live Stream cannot be purchased through the Box Office.

The talk will start at 10.30 but please log in early to ensure you are online for the beginning of the talk. You will be held in a waiting room. If you log into Zoom after the talk has started there may be a delay before you are able to join the talk.

You will join with your camera and microphone muted. Please do not unmute them. Questions may be asked by using the “Chat” function.

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