coffee morning: the rediscovery of Ilkley’s Roman past

28th Apr 2023
10:15 am - 11:30 am

Adam White  : William Middelton, Wiliiam Camden and the rediscovery of Ilkley’s Roman past                

The early 1600s saw the beginnings of British history as we know it. A milestone was passed with the publication of William Camden’s Britannia, his great survey of the country which went through various editions up to the time of his death in 1623. Camden came to Ilkley and saw the Verbeia Stone, the famous Romano-British artefact which is now in the Manor House. Almost certainly, he met the local squire, William Middelton, who had a copy of the altar made which shows us how the original looked. Both stones are now displayed side-by-side in the Manor House. Adam White tells the story.

In Person

Tickets are £3 and may be purchased online through Eventbrite (a booking fee is payable) or in person through the Box Office when the Manor House is open. Tickets may be available on the door but will be subject to availability and admission cannot be guaranteed.

Live Streamed on Zoom

Tickets are free and may be obtained online through Eventbrite. Tickets for the Live Stream cannot be purchased through the Box Office.

The talk will start at 10.30 but please log in early to ensure you are online for the beginning of the talk. You will be held in a waiting room. If you log into Zoom after the talk has started there may be a delay before you are able to join the talk.

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