Dapper’s Delight: At the sign of the Swan

23rd Oct 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Doors Open: 7:00 pm

Concert Starts: 7:30 pm

There will be a interval of 20 – 30 minutes during which refreshments will be available to purchase.

Please note that all timings are approximate.

The duo ‘Dapper’s Delight’ (Susanna Borsch – recorders, English concertina and voice and Adrian Brown – Anglo concertinas and voice) exploit what could be classed as: ‘historical urban folk music’. This classification represents the ambiguous nature and delicate balance between ‘art’ and ‘folk’ in English dance music and songs, from roughly the period 1550-1750.

This varied repertoire comprises broadside ballads, Elizabethan jigs, Playford dances, popular hits from baroque operas, morris dances and even a few 19th century music hall numbers, played and sung using concertinas and recorders.

Many of the tunes and songs are found in multiple sources, which are not consistent with each other, often seemingly in a continuous state of flux (in for example, the modernisation’ of modal tunes over the course of the many editions of Playford’s Dancing Master). This, together with the lack of notated harmonisation, confounds ideas of any ‘definitive version’ challenging any notions of authenticity and allowing them a certain freedom in their arrangements.

There is plenty of virtuosity and humour; verging towards early music, but played without music stands, penguin suits and warbly voices.

Their three CDs have been well received by both the folk and early music press and their eclectic and delightfully anachronistic approach was praised as “an ode to the endless musical joy of yesteryear”, and Froots magazine said they’d: “recommend this to any readers who enjoy baroque music, Playford dance tunes, proper recorder playing, or who want a demonstration of just how versatile an instrument the anglo concertina can be.”

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Tickets £12, available online (booking fee payable), through the Box Office or on the door (subject to availability)

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