Enchanted Winter Forest

9th Jan 2023 - 19th Feb 2023
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Wire Sculptures by Chris Moss

Chris’ interest in wire was an accidental development of making metal maquettes for other forms of sculpture where it soon became apparent that wire has exciting possibilities as a medium in its own right. Taking that a step further and combining wire with mesh gives a piece the presence and sturdiness to operate in a larger or outdoor environment.

Her subject matter has always revolved around organic forms, mainly birds and beasts – anything ranging from a wren to a life-size horse. For several years her work has been show-cased at the Yorkshire Show, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and at various sculpture-specific events around the UK. She has also delivered site-specific pieces for commercial and private clients including garden designers.

Chris occasionally runs workshops introducing people to the techniques involved in creating their own sculpture.

Some of the sculptures on view are for sale and the prices are:

Fox £495, cub £245
Owl £315
Blackbird £115
Robin £68

For more information/contact www.ChrisMossWireSculpture.co.uk

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