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In early 2017 Bradford Metropolitan District Council agreed to accept a proposal by the Ilkley Manor House Trust, a community group formed by local residents with a shared passion for the site. They are now devising a plan to develop the building for a variety of uses including education, exhibition, events and workshops. A café will add to the appeal of the Manor House and funds to support public use will be raised by letting the various spaces in the main building and cottages to a wide range of public and private groups.

Sir Rodney Brooke, Chairman of the Ilkley Manor House Trust, describes the agreement to transfer the running of the historic building to the charitable trust as:

The first step in the transformation 
of the Manor House. It will be a great 
asset to the Ilkley community.

The Trust has already appointed a part-time manager to work with interested parties and start hiring out space at the Manor House for a variety of uses. The letting income will help support community events and cover costs for the running of the historic property.

The Trust’s vision is to create a space for local groups to meet and there will be a permanent heritage exhibition explaining Ilkley’s unique cultural past – the rock art on the Moor, the Roman fort, the Saxon crosses, the Norman church and the Victorian spa town. It’s hoped the centre will attract visitors from across the district, increasing footfall in the town, sharing Ilkley’s great assets more widely and bringing trade to local businesses.

read more about the Ilkley Manor House Trust

Want to know what’s on at Ilkley Manor House today?

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