We advise that you perform your own risk assessment before visiting the Manor House so that any health and safety concerns can be raised as part of your visit plan.

Below is a list of potential risks that a group may encounter and brief advice on how to reduce those risks.

Inside Ilkley Manor House

The Manor House is a Grade 1 listed building dating in part from the late Middle Ages and the 17th century.  Much of the fabric is the same as when it was built so there are stone and wooden floors, low doorways, a narrow wooden staircase etc.

Fire Exits

All groups should be made aware of the nearest fire exit and assembly point.  Children should not leave the building without an adult and young children should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Floors and stairs

Floors are made of wood and stone.  Teachers should reinforce our request that visitors should not run in the building.  This is especially important on the stairs.

When sitting on the floor groups should always use the mats provided to avoid cold from the stone downstairs or splinters from wood in the upper gallery.


Please take care to avoid trapped fingers in doors.

Exhibits/Artworks and Display cabinets

Care must be taken when moving around the gallery and between exhibits.


There are toilets on the ground floor.  We recommend that children are accompanied to the toilet by a member of staff.

First Aid

We recommend that schools make their own arrangements for such provision as we are unable to guarantee that there will be a first aider on site.

Group sizes

Some of the spaces within the buildings are limited.  It may be appropriate for a large group to be sub divided when working and moving around the building.

Outside Ilkley Manor House

Moving traffic

Castle Yard is a thoroughfare used by cars and vans, sometimes at speed.

Children must be supervised in this area at all times to avoid accidents.

Uneven walkways

Owing to the nature of the cobbled road, the surfaces are uneven and in autumn make for slippery conditions.  Care must be taken to avoid tripping and falling.

In wet weather stone flags and steps can become slippery. Children should be told not to run outside.


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