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Saved by the community, Ilkley Manor House is a volunteer led charity, entirely reliant on the voluntary efforts of local people to keep the doors open, so the public can enjoy the House’s vibrant arts and heritage programme.

Recruiting now

We are currently recruiting Volunteer Stewards to meet and greet visitors to the House at weekends, chat to them about the House, our new art gallery and exhibition space, and promote our programme of events and performances.


  • Can you spare 3 hours on an occasional basis at the weekend to help keep one of Ilkley’s oldest buildings open for the public to enjoy?


  • Do you enjoy meeting people, and have an interest in the arts and/or heritage?


  • Would you like to be part of Ilkley’s developing creative & heritage hub?

There are also opportunities to help set up and run our events and performances, which generally take place in the evenings.

Interested in joining our friendly team? If so, please get in touch!

email or

call Helen on 07480 064645 for an informal chat.

Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery

want to be first to hear our latest news & events? Sign up to our newsletter by typing in your email address here: